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Become a Member / Renew Your Membership - 2021 BBSC Registration Available

Everyone who enters the 2021 BBSC Membership Registration (either new club member or membership renewal) by January 1, 2021, will be entered into a drawing for $50.00 in Bogus Bucks!

2021 BBSC Raffle Now Online

COVID-19 Changes

Due to recent surge in ongoing COVID-19 conditions, some trips and events have been cancelled or altered.   Please review them on the Calendar, Trips and Events Tabs and participate as you feel comfortable.

Register for Trips, Events and/or Membership by opening the corresponding Tab below.

Upcoming Trips

Our Newsletter (New December Issue)

Bogus Basin Ski Club

The Bogus Basin Ski Club is an organization for adults who are 21 years and older. We have year-round activities for skiers, snowboarders, and other fun-time enthusiasts!

Our club celebrated its 80th year 2018-2019, and you may proudly wear the BBSC logo embroidered or silk screened on any article of clothing of your choice by taking it to McU Sports downtown store (822 West Jefferson St.,Boise, ID 83702; 208-342-7734).  The cost of each embroidery is only $6-7.

FWSA Recognizes BBSC in their annual awards

Read more about these awards under Awards - 2020.

Recognize New & Outgoing BBSC Board Members

Welcome new to the BBSC Board of Directors:

  • Steve Strickland - Vice President
  • Clifford Sell - Purchasing Director
  • Sue Baker - Trips Coordinator

Their bios can be viewed here.

Recognize and thank for their years of service on the BBSC Board:

  • Margie Ridgeway - Recently Vice President prior to serving as Membership Director
  • Michael Bouton - Recently Purchasing Director prior to serving as Membership Director
  • Roxann Jensen - Recently Trips Coordinator


Most Recent BBSC Events

Greenbelt Bike Brewery Tour, Oct 25, 2020

Beautiful day for a leisurely ride on the Greenbelt. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

Lined up at the Payette Brewing Company. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

Bogus Basin Road Clean Up, Oct 24, 2020

Good turn out for this service project. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

Enjoying a socially distanced lunch at Camel's Back Park after the clean up. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

Bike and Wine Tour, September 27, 2020

Great group and great day for riding & sampling various wines. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

BBSC Monthly Social at Julia Davis Park (Sep 14, 2020)

An intense game of Jenga - (Photo by Steve Strickland)

Virtual Annual Meeting, September 13 - A First for BBSC!

Due to the pandemic, the Annual Meeting was postponed from April to September, and then changed to a virtual format for safefty reasons. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

Weiser River Trail Bike Ride, August 29, 2020

Wieser trail ride with friends of Bogus Basin Ski Club. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

Come join our group of fun people that have fun together all year. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

We need times like this in the times like these. Let’s come together. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

BBSC Monthly Social, June 8, 2020 - Elm Gove Park

Feels good to be getting back together (responsibly) during this pandemic. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

BBSC Monthly Social at Elm Grove Park, June 8, 2020

Feels good to be getting back together (responsibly) during this pandemic. (Photo by Steve Strickland)

BBSC Monthly Social at White Dog Brewery, March 9, 2020

Last official BBSC event before COVID-19 shut everything down.

St. Mortiz Ski Trip (Feb 29-Mar 13, 2020)

Group Photo by Don Pribble.

Top of the Alps (Photo by Don Pribble).

London Eye (Millennium Wheel) on south bank of the River Thames (Photo by Don Pribble).

Group photo at Stonehenge (Photo by Don Pribble).

Anthony Lakes Ski Trip (February 27, 2020)

Soaking up the sun (and powder!) at Anthony Lakes (Photo by Steve Strickland).

We had the whole mountain to ourselves!! (Photo by Steve Strickland).

Crab Crack (Feb 1, 2020)

Great venue (old Gowen Field Officer's Club) (Photo by Steve Strickland).

Dancing to the music of JR and the Sting Rays (Photo by Steve Strickland).

Schweitzer Ski Trip (Jan 25-29, 2020)

Ski group at top of Lakeview Triple Chair.

Ski group at the top of Stells 6-Pack Chair.

BBSC Contribution to Bogus Basin Community Outreach Programs

New Year's Day 2020: Lynda Clark, BBSC President (right), giving Susan Saad, Bogus Basin Director of Community Relations (left), a check for $1,272 for youth programs at Bogus Basin Recreation Area.

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