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Scholarship & Recognition


One of the main objectives of Bogus Basin Ski Club is to sustain snowsport in order to ensure that the inspirational experiences of snowsport will remain for future generations.  Our purposes are four-fold:  
(1)  To provide financial aid to a junior snowsports competitor.
(2)  To award an athlete who excels at his/her level.
(3)  To recognize one of our iconic members by naming the scholarship after him, The Bob Greenwood Athletic Scholarship.
(4)  To develop a personal relationship with a junior competitor as outreach with an eye toward building present and future membership with athletes and parents.

2023 Scholarship Application Period will be announced in October - check back later

Applications must be submitted electronically by TBD

BBSC Selection Committee will choose nominees by TBD


2021 Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship

The Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship Awards were presented by Barb and Donn Bryant of Bogus Basin Ski Club.  Pictured with Barb and Donn are MWSC athletes who "demonstrate a passion for skiing and the opportunities the sport presents to progress as an athlete and grow to be a model teammate and citizen." Congrats to Maya, Lauren, Rylee, Hailey, and Dominic(not pictured)! 

The Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship awards are made possible with a collaborative effort.  Bogus Basin Ski Club recruits a multi-day ski package which then gets auctioned off at the Little Ski Hill's Snow Ball.  This year's package for Alta/Snowbird went for $1800! Funds are gifted to MWSC athletes to help with costs of the sport and pursuit of love for the sport.

The BBSC Scholarship Committee and BBSEF selected three outstanding scholarship winners on January 6, 2022.  U16 alpine ski competitors Dallin H. and Linnea N. were awarded $1,125 each and U12 alpine ski competitor Pearl S. was granted $750.  The scholarship winners addressed the club at our Annual Champagne Brunch in September 2023.

Barb & Don Bryant with MWSC Scholarship winners Maya, Lauren, Rylee, Hailey

BBSEF Athletes: Linnea N. U-16, Dallin H. U-16, Pearl S. U-12

Donn & Barbara Bryant presenting Bode Lamm his scholarship at McCall Hometown Races. (Kellen Crawford was not present when the scholarships were awarded.)

BBSEF Scholarship Recipients - Left: Hayden F. of Big Mountain Team; Right: Aubrey O. of North Series Team

2019 Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship

McCall Winter Sports Club successfully auctioned off another trip package donation from BBSC at their Snow Ball on December 7, 2019. The donated auction item consisted of a ski trip for two to Whitefish, Montana that included two nights’ lodging for two at the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, Montana, and lift tickets for two to ski Whitefish Mountain Resort for two days. The funds are being used to support a Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship to two worthy youth racers. This package brought in $1,600 towards the scholarship, and the two recipients are Bode Lamm, a U10 Alpine Ski Racer from McCall, and Kellen Crawford, a U18 Pro Track Skier from Lewiston.

On January 4, 2020, BBSC President, Lynda Clark, along with club members Barbara and Donn Bryant and Liza Autina, attended the Hometown Races and scholarship ceremony.

Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation

For the first time this year BBSC's Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship was awarded to two Bogus Basin junior race competitors, selected from approximately 15 applicants. The recipients were selected based upon academic performance, community involvement, letters of recommendation, and response to an application essay. The topic for the essay asks applicants to explain what excites them about skiing, riding or competition. The scholarship was funded by an online auction of a trip to Utah donated by BBSC that brought in $1,375 for the junior racers. The trip package consists of four nights lodging for two people at the Zermatt Resort & Spa in Midway coupled with one day each of skiing at Deer Valley, Solitude, and Brighton. BBSC also contributing an additional $500 to this Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship for these junior racers.

The two recipients were Hayden F. of Big Mountain Team and Aubrey O. of North Series Team. They each received $900 in the form of credit that may be applied towards their 2019-20 BBSEF fees or their 2020-21 spring registration fees.

2018 Bob Greenwood Snowsports Scholarship

The McCall Wintersports Club successfully auctioned off a donation from Bogus Basin Ski Club at their Snow Ball on December 8, 2018. BBSC’s auction item consisted of a ski trip for two to Utah and included lodging at the Hotel Bigelow, skiing at Snowbird, Snowbasin, Powder Mt. and a dinner. The funds are being used to support a Snowsports Scholarship for two worthy youth racers. The package brought in $1700 to be used for the Snowsports Scholarship in recognition of Bob Greenwood’s life long contribution to skiing and racing.  

At The McCall Winter Sports Club’s Annual Hometown Races and Après Party on January 5, 2019, Leslie Josie (U12) and Aiden McLean (Big Mountain Pro Track) were celebrated as the two junior athletic scholarship recipients.

Bogus Basin Ski Club members Julie and Michael Bouton, Barb and Donn Bryant, Dottie and Bob Greenwood, and Kim and Jim Hovren attended the Hometown Races in Bob Greenwood’s honor.  Barb Bryant secured the travel auction items, with many thanks to Michael Bouton for arranging the partnership with the McCall Winter Sports’ Club.  

Recognition should be extended to Chris Costa who facilitated communications between BBSC and McCall Wintersports Club.  Ken Rider, Brundage Mountain Resort’s General Manager, also helped to bridge the relationship between the two clubs.

L to R: Barbara Bryant, Leslie Josie, & Bob Greenwood. (Aiden McLean was not present when the scholarships were awarded.)