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P. O. Box 973
Boise, ID 83701-0973

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750 W. Bannock Street, #973
Boise, ID 83702

Board of Directors

Darryl Kuhrt - President

I spent the biggest chunk of my life in Texas.  I had my first skiing experience at age 29 at Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Since there are no skiing opportunities in Texas, I only managed a once a year, week-long, ski trip.  My skiing skills were pretty poor when I moved to Boise in August of 2000.  I immediately took advantage of the very affordable skiing at Bogus Basin and steadily continue to improved my skiing ability.  I joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club in December of 2006 and went on my first ski trip in January 2007.  What an awesome experience with an awesome group of people!  I was now hooked on the ski club and delighted to find that the club was now more than just skiing.  It is a great club with year-round activities and trips.  I hope you'll come join us, make new friends, and see all the fun you can have!

Darryl Kuhrt


Phone: 208-870-6628

Margie Ridgeway - Vice President

I was born and raised in Palm Springs, Calif.  Minimal skiing in the general area but did manage a pair of wooden skis and some skiing at Big Bear and onto Mammoth (which to this day is my favorite ski resort).  I put a hold on skiing while living in Hawaii for 5 years and then picked it up in Juneau, Alaska where I lived and skied for 30 years.  Stan and I moved to Eagle in 2005 and I have continued enjoying all winter sports but especially alpine skiing.  After joining the BBSC in order to go on a ski trip to Utah, I was hooked on the club.  I remain a strong advocate for the club and am currently the Vice President. 

Margie Ridgeway

Vice President

Phone: 208-949-9513

Lynda Clark - Secretary

I grew up in Eagle riding horses, participating in 4-H, Little Britches, and High School Rodeo.  My parents said I had to sell my horse if I wanted to ski, and I just could not part with my horse, Stormy.   My first day skiing at Bogus was with a group of Sun Dance Dodge Mechanics who I worked with at the time.  These great and cheerful practical jokers gave me a couple of lessons on the rope tow and then promptly took me over to, and up, Superior Chair.  They ditched me at the top of Superior laughing as they took off down Inspiration.  Well you guessed it, I lived and found that I love skiing!! I joined Bogus Basin Ski Club for the second time in 2015,  and now I am the club Secretary.


Lynda Clark


Phone: 208-859-5337

Betty Hawkins - Treasurer

I started skiing about age 20 when it didn’t interfere with my main sport of skydiving; but I really got interested while living in Europe and was able to ski at lots of the popular resorts there.  My skiing never got as good as my skydiving, but It’s been a lot of fun.  I was part of a few world records in skydiving, however now I confine myself to the sedate sports of skiing and motorcycling .  When I moved back to Idaho after many years, I was pleasantly impressed with Bogus Basin and appreciate that we have such a great fun place so close to us. My background in financial analysis will, I hope, be an asset in my duties as treasurer and am looking forward to continuing to help the club grow and to expand our winter and summer activities. 

Betty Hawkins


Phone: 208-991-7500

Craig O. Olsen - Communications & Webmaster

As a retired physician (thoracic surgeon) and five generation native of Idaho, I joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club in 2015 to participate in some of their great ski trips.  For the past decade during ski season, I have weekly skied with several members of the club at PrimeTimers.  I thoroughly enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of the club members, and I find the club an excellent social and service organization.  Lenna (my wife) and I have enjoyed skiing with our children at Bogus Basin, and now I enjoy doing the same with our grandchildren.

Craig O. Olsen

Communications Director & Webmaster

Phone: 208-859-3575

John Adams - Marketing Director

I was born and raised in Boise and grew up loving the many available Idaho recreational activities.   Skiing has always been a huge part of my life.  I started skiing at Bogus Basin in 1958 at the age of nine under the tutelage of Lea and Beau Bacos, who were then the heads of the Bogus Basin Ski school.  I went on to competition ski racing in Colorado through high school until an injury ended my racing aspirations.  I moved back home and joined the Bogus Basin ski school as an instructor for two years.  While in school at the Netherlands School of International Business, during my winter and spring breaks—and thanks to the affordable student hostel network—I was able to ski some amazing European Alpine mountains that I intend to ski again next winter on a trip with our Club.  I love powder skiing, fly fishing, river rafting, hiking, biking, motorcycling, all travel opportunities, and drinking good beer and wine with friends and members of the Bogus Basin Ski Club.

John Adams

Marketing Director

Phone: 208-991-8696

Michael Bouton - Membership Director

I have been a member of the club since 1983 and a board member for 18 years. I served as president, Purchasing Director, Social Director, and Marketing Director. I am married to my wife, Julie for over 32 years and we have a son, Kip who is 30 years old.  As a member of the club, I have led several ski trips and chaired many events. I was the local planning chair for the 2017 FWSA convention in Boise and was honored as “Man of the Year” by the Association at the 2018 convention. I now serve as the V.P. of membership on the Far West Board of Directors.

Michael Bouton

Membership Director

Phone: 208-703-0444

Paul Markowitz - Purchasing

I started Skiing in New England when I was 10  — walked up the hill a lot of times.  The best invention in skis was the metal edge. In 2001 I Joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club to go on one of the trips.  What a wonderful Jewel we have in our back yard with Bogus Basin! 

Paul Markowitz


Phone: 208-362-5790

Barbara Bryant - Social Director

My husband Donn, a Boise native, and I moved from Truckee, CA two years ago to enjoy our grandchildren and Idaho’s out door life style.  I was born and raised on a ranch in Woodland, CA where I spent an idyllic childhood riding horses, climbing trees, playing in Cache Creek and raising sheep in 4-H.  I had a rewarding thirty- year career teaching English, reading and PE to 7th and 8th grade students.  My passion has been ski racing, and I have been a Master’s racer as well as a club racer.  Traveling to ski races around the West has led me to discover many beautiful and exciting places.  The many people I have met have added spice and adventure to my life.  In fact, Donn and I met while ski racing with Sierra League at Diamond Peak, NV.  Shortly after we moved to Boise, we joined Bogus Basin Ski Club to find other active and like-minded people and have been fortunate to meet many.

Barbara Bryant

Social Director

Phone: 916-769-2829

Roxann Jensen - Trip Coordinator

I started skiing in 6th grade at Bogus and have been going strong ever since.  I was a junior racer with the, then, Bogus Basin Ski Club.  I raced in college then continued racing as a Master.  I started the current Master's race program at Bogus and was the Chief of Race for several years as we hosted various Masters races.  I had the honor to work alongside Bessie and Bob Skinner, Diane Brandon, and Bill Tuller who were always timers for those races.  I taught in the Bogus Basin Ski School for a number of years as well.  Now I'm an active VertiGal and love traveling around the world to ski.  If there's powder, I'm there!

Roxann Jensen

Trip Coordinator

Phone: 208-344-2648

Nancy Moore - Social Media

I had my first taste of skiing at age 9, then moved to Southern California where my skiing opportunities were scarce. After I moved to Boise in 1986, I made skiing my winter priority! I have 2 grown children who can out-ski me any where, any day. I work as a hand therapist, and love camping and birding. I was a blonde for a while but life didn't really get better until I joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club in 2016.

Nancy Moore

Social Media

Phone: 208-830-4851


Vicki Kuebler - Assistant Marketing Director

I am a Boise native and outdoor girl having descended from past generations of homesteaders and ranchers. Retired from a social work career, I enjoy skiing, gardening, reading, camping, traveling and volunteering in the community.  I have a married daughter and two grandchildren whose family loves to ski as much I do.   I joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club over 25 years ago and am proud to have brought Ullr Fest to our club and to Bogus since 2008.  The next Ullr Fest celebration will be 2-2-19.  See you on the mountain!

Vicki Kuebler

Assistant Marketing Director

Phone: 208-484-3352

Sandra Hufsmith - Assistant Social Director

I was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. and raised in San Tome, Venezuela.  Later schooling in Texas, Wyoming, and Oregon, I finished with a medical practice in Corvallis, Oregon.  Skiing and traveling were not a priority in those years but always a goal. There were trips during those years but nothing like the great adventures since retirement.  During the last four years in Boise, I have had many chances for friends and fun with the Bogus Basin Ski Club, such as our trip to Norway this past summer (2018).

Sandra Hufsmith

Assistant Social Director

Phone: 541-760-8175

Sussette Newsom - Assistant Social Director

I learned to ski on the icy slopes of Stowe, Vermont, and it only got better from there. The mountains called me again to move west to Seattle, then to Colorado, and finally home to Boise.  I am most fortunate  to have so many wonderful ski buddies and ski areas nearby, with Bogus Basin in my backyard and a great ski club to promote and participate in  the many joys of skiing, community events and  outdoor sports.

Sussette Newsom

Assistant Social Director

Phone: 208-484-3245

Kim Hovren - Past President

Since 1977, the Bogus Basin mountain has been a place of my recreation. It's my community where I connect, collaborate and create great memories and friends.  The ski club has been an incredible place to 'Friend, Fun and Fund' raise for the non-profit organizations that support our local non-profit, year around local resort.  Mountains and the outdoors are firmly grounded in my DNA, starting with my family. My dad began me on skis at age nine, both alpine and nordic.  My brother, Craig manages and builds world class, 280 km of nordic and bike trail for the Anchorage Nordic Ski Association and Idaho relatives are PSIA certified and teaching the new generations to alpine ski.  I'm blessed to be part of the continued development of the ski industry on all levels. Highlights include, the Far West Ski Association & the Bogus Basin Ski Club, 2018 Woman of the Year, a double honor.  My outlook for the next many decades:  Keeping the new generation enthused with skiing is my next happy trail.  With grandchildren and their friends well on their way, I'll be gladly chasing them down the hill. Cheers!

Kim Hovren

Past President

Phone: 208-870-4043

Paul Markowitz - ISC/FWSA Representative

I started Skiing in New England when I was 10  — walked up the hill a lot of times.  The best invention in skis was the metal edge. In 2001 I Joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club to go on one of the trips.  What a wonderful Jewel we have in our back yard with Bogus Basin! 

Paul Markowitz

ISC/FWSA Representative

Phone: 208-362-5790

Fred Uranga - Historian

Fred Uranga


Phone: 208-850-7763