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P. O. Box 6015
Boise, ID 83707-6015

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750 W. Bannock Street, #973
Boise, ID 83702

Board of Directors

Lynda Clark - President

I grew up in Eagle riding horses, participating in 4-H, Little Britches, and High School Rodeo. My parents said I had to sell my horse if I wanted to ski, and I just could not part with my horse, Stormy. My first day skiing at Bogus was with a group of Sun Dance Dodge Mechanics who I worked with at the time. These great and cheerful practical jokers gave me a couple of lessons on the rope tow and then promptly took me over to, and up, Superior Chair. They ditched me at the top of Superior laughing as they took off down Inspiration. Well you guessed it, I lived and found that I love skiing!! I joined Bogus Basin Ski Club for the second time in 2015. I served as club Secretary and followed as President from 2019-2021.

Lynda Clark


Phone: 208-859-5337

Steve Strickland - Vice President

I started skiing as a teenager in Alaska at Alyeska. At about the same time, I picked up a camera, and I am still skiing and taking photographs. Most of my life I have been self employed as a photographer and a sales representative for Air Photo Inc. In the 1980s I had a studio near the Pike Place Market in Seattle and shot the brochure for Pac West Ski Resort up at Snoqualmie Pass. For the past twenty years I have lived in Boise. Currently, I take photographs for the local theaters, local musicians, people and special events. I really enjoy volunteering as a photographer for BBSC the last two years, and our club activities offer many great photo opportunities.  I had a super time participating on the BBSC night race team this year, and I look forward to being more involved with the BBSC in the coming years.

Steve Strickland

Vice President

Phone: 208-283-4144

Ken Snider - Treasurer

I was 6 years old when my family moved to Boise from Missoula, Montana. My dad started taking me to Bogus that following winter, and as I aged, I rode the ski bus from Sib Kleffner Sports driven by Gus Urresti (later McU Sports) and then from South Junior High. My love of skiing also included ski touring/camping which started with pack boots fitted loosely with cable bindings and then the 3-pin style. When I met my wife Cheryl, I immediately enrolled her in ski lessons (she comes from Florida). We later introduced our kids to skiing Bogus at early ages and are proud of their accomplishments. I’ve been involved with the PrimeTimers ski group and have met some of most wonderful new friends in the BBSC.

Ken Snider


Phone: 208-870-6858

Christine Hill - Secretary

Donned in my Valiant wooden skis with cable bindings and lace up boots, I started skiing when I was eight years old, thanks to my father. From the icy slopes of the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania where we lived, to the bitter crisp cold snow of Vermont and New Hampshire, to the epic vistas in Colorado, Utah, California, Montana, Oregon and Switzerland, skiing was a family passion. Of all the places I have skied, my favorite was skiing the champagne powder of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the epic snowfalls of Big Sky, Montana. With my continued enthusiasm for the sport, I taught my three children to ski and snowboard, which I also learned when I was 40 yrs old. More recently, I am teaching my grandchildren how to ski and fulfilling our family tradition of generations of skiers. New to Idaho, I skied Bogus in March and April last year. The first BBSC event I attended was the April 2021 Bogus Basin Extravaganza. I knew from that day forward that the people of BBSC are a great bunch of folks that like to have fun and are a testament to the success of the club and giving back to the community.  As a retired public servant, always a public servant, I want to get more involved in a cause that I can support in Bogus Basin Ski Club.

Christine Hill


Phone: 530-249-7516

Paul Markowitz - Membership

I started Skiing in New England when I was 10  — walked up the hill a lot of times.  The best invention in skis was the metal edge. In 2001 I Joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club to go on one of the trips.  What a wonderful Jewel we have in our back yard with Bogus Basin! 


Paul Markowitz

Membership Director

Phone: 208-850-9962

Doug Baker - Trip Coordinator

Born in Michigan, I moved to Boise, Idaho in 1983 and have been loyal season pass holder of Bogus Basin Ski Resort ever since. I joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club in 2015. Sue and I owned and operated Boise area Moxie Java coffee shops for fifteen years and sold them in 2008. Since that time I have been involved in two start-up companies. I am an avid snowboarder, fly fisherman, biker and outdoor enthusiast, and I recently joined the legions of RV campers. I look forward to serving as trip coordinator for BBSC.

Doug Baker

Trip Coordinator

Phone: 208-867-1286

Kimberly DeWit - Social Director

I grew up far, far away from a winter with snow. My first opportunity to ski wasn’t until I was 18. I longed to get good enough at alpine, but it just wasn’t in the cards at the time. I began nordic skiing because the learning curve didn’t seem as steep.  
After undergrad, I worked two seasons as a tour guide for Suntrek Tours before being accepted into the Peace Corps for two years of service after which I enjoyed leading kayaking tours of Monterey Bay while working towards my teaching credential. I have been an educator in both public and private schools from K-12, and currently work at Boise State.
When I relocated to Boise, I was beyond excited to live somewhere with four “real” seasons! And I was thrilled that Bogus Basin is in our own proverbial backyard. As soon as I got my first all mountain pass, I couldn’t stop; it was like my dream found me. In January 2019 I joined BBSC to attend a ski trip to Utah. Now, I look forward to serving on the board in my recreational “true calling” (on more than one occasion I’ve been referred to as Julie from The Love Boat), as well as leading adventures for our BBSC members in the future.


Kimberly DeWit

Social Director

Phone: 208-861-2446

Cliff Sell - Purchasing Director

I grew up in Chicago and saw my first pair of skis at age 10. I was in awe! I never thought skiing would be part of my life. Finally, at age 33, I took my first lesson at Snoqualmie Pass in Washington and have been skiing ever since (except for the 20 odd years I spent on a snowboard). I love both! I have been a member of BBSC for a number of years — some active, some not so active — but all appreciated. I love the trips, activities and events but, most of all, the camaraderie and friendship shared with other members.


Cliff Sell

Purchasing Director

Phone: 208-794-1214

Nancy Moore - Social Media

My first experience with skiing started at age 9 and it was love at first sight! I have been skiing at Bogus since the winter of 1986/7. I joined the Bogus Basin SkiClub in 2016 and started the Social Media pages on Facebook and Instagram. I have made many new friends, and love the trips and activities! 

Nancy Moore

Social Media Director

Vicki Kuebler - Marketing Director*

I am a Boise native and outdoor girl having descended from past generations of homesteaders and ranchers. Retired from a social work career, I enjoy skiing, gardening, reading, camping, traveling and volunteering in the community.  I have a married daughter and two grandchildren whose family loves to ski as much I do.   I joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club over 25 years ago and am proud to have brought Ullr Fest to our club and to Bogus since 2008.  See you on the mountain!

Vicki Kuebler

Marketing Director

Phone: 208-484-3352

Sherri Lechten - Communications & Webmaster

I was introduced to skiing by my favorite aunt at a small hill in New Jersey when I was 16. I got my first pair of skis, straight Head Finesse, for my Christmas Birthday that year and joined my high school ski club. Unfortunately, I never took a real lesson and was self taught by trying to do what I thought I saw everyone else doing. I skied sporadically once or twice a season through college, but it didn't really become part of my life until I met my husband while living in Maryland, and we decided we both enjoyed skiing. So at 24 we started skiing together in the North East, and decided to take lessons. I'm now the product of over 20 years of lessons all over the country, still taking family private lessons every year on our quest of continuous improvement. We have lived in Maryland, Ohio, Missouri, and now Boise, plus one year abroad in China. Skiing is our primary family pastime. I have two sons who are both avid and accomplished skiers, having started skiing by age three and surpassing their parents by the time they were 12. Our ski seasons have improved from 5-6 ski days per year skiing mostly Eastern ice to over 25 days per year skiing a variety of western big mountain resorts for our family ski trip, as well as weekends at Bogus. I've been skiing at Bogus with the Backside Bashers and Vertigals for the past four years since moving to Boise. I finally joined Bogus Basin Ski Club this year for the fun year round activities with a terrific community of ski enthusiasts. I consider myself extremely fortunate to get to call Bogus Basin my home mountain, it is truly a gem of a local mountain. I look forward to serving on the BBSC board and joining more of the trips as we prepare to become empty nesters.

Sherri Lechten

Communications Director & Webmaster

Phone: 208-495-5755


Carol Peterson - Mogul Editor, Assistant Communications Director

I stood tall, raised my hand in the air, and the length of my skis was measured at my fingertips. There were straps on my skis that hooked to the laces on my boots. The upside…when I fell, my skis came off but stayed with me. The downside…those long, skinny, heavy skis came wrapping around to smack me in the head. Thankfully, technology has changed! Skis are shaped, more forgiving and much more flexible. Straps and laces have given way to brakes, snap-in bindings and buckle boots. But the one thing that has not changed is the culture of our club—a fun-loving, energetic, compassionate, and sharing conglomeration of members. I enjoy spending time with you on those fun trips and at our social events. After four-plus years editing the Mogul and website, I took a hiatus in 2018 as required by the bylaws. I went to the April 2019 Board meeting to observe the election and found myself volunteering to be the secretary. So, you can say my current term is a rerun or more correctly, a reroute. I look forward to seeing all of you as the year progresses and continuing my involvement in the club. In October 2021 I took the position of Social Media Director for BBSC, and am now once again the editor of the Mogul.

Carol Peterson

Mogul Editor

Phone: 208-890-1839

Sandra Hufsmith - Assistant Social Director

I was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. and raised in San Tome, Venezuela.  Later schooling in Texas, Wyoming, and Oregon, I finished with a medical practice in Corvallis, Oregon.  Skiing and traveling were not a priority in those years but always a goal. There were trips during those years but nothing like the great adventures since retirement.  During the last years in Boise, I have had many chances for friends and fun with the Bogus Basin Ski Club, such as our trip to Norway in the summer  of 2018.

Sandra Hufsmith

Assistant Social Director

Phone: 541-760-8175

Sussette Newsom - Assistant Social Director

I learned to ski on the icy slopes of Stowe, Vermont, and it only got better from there. The mountains called me again to move west to Seattle, then to Colorado, and finally home to Boise.  I am most fortunate  to have so many wonderful ski buddies and ski areas nearby, with Bogus Basin in my backyard and a great ski club to promote and participate in  the many joys of skiing, community events and  outdoor sports.

Sussette Newsom

Assistant Social Director

Phone: 208-484-3245

Paul Markowitz - Past President & ISC/FWSA Representative

I started Skiing in New England when I was 10  — walked up the hill a lot of times.  The best invention in skis was the metal edge. In 2001 I Joined the Bogus Basin Ski Club to go on one of the trips.  What a wonderful Jewel we have in our back yard with Bogus Basin! 

Paul Markowitz

Past President, ISC/FWSA Representative

Phone: 208-850-9962

Zac Medek - Quartermaster

As a Boise native, I was five years old when I learned to waterski with my older sister’s tennis shoes on-over my own little sneakers so that my feet would fit into dad's waterski bindings. It was 1973, and that following winter my mother let me put on cable bindings and lace-up boots and told me that I would get used to walking in the snow with skis on in our yard. My father purchased a brand new Rupp snowmobile, and we drove right past bogus basin to ride it. Between my sister, mom and me, dad realized we wouldn’t get many turns in this way, so the following year he purchased another snowmobile. After that was when I started to snow ski as a wee lad at the bottom of Moore’s Mountain. I did not understand why we couldn’t ride the chair lifts at Bogus Basin. They just seemed so inviting to me. Dad said it was because we got snowmobiles. Fast forward again to the 1980’s, when my parents, George and Virginia Medek, were members of the Bogus Basin Ski Club. In the mix of partying with all these fun people my father offered to clean the club's barbecue, affectionately named Big Bertha. I remember at dinner one night, he said that the grill was so dirty he didn’t even like eating off of it. We started storing the barbecue at our property and cleaning it whenever needed. Eventually, the club purchased a storage shed, and we contracted a deal to place it on my property. Unbeknownst to me my fate as future quartermaster was sealed!

Zac Medek


Phone: 208-371-6755

Fred Uranga - Historian

Fred has been a member of BBSC for nearly 50 years. He has served on several BBSC boards of directors over the years and is currently serving as our Club historian, a position he has held since 2004. His institutional memory and experience has helped several new boards of directors, including the current one. Fred has also organized many of our Club’s annual Crab Crack parties. In 2020 he brought the Crab Crack back to the former Officers Club at Gowen Field, perhaps the most popular venue for this event. Fred was given the Old Boot (Legacy) Award in 2001, the Distinguished Service Award in 2012, and Lifetime Membership status also in 2012.

Fred Uranga


Phone: 208-345-2382

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